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Ferrari 333 SP WSC Giants

20,99€ Precio en amazon.es a 19/03/2020 19:44:18 UTM

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Críticas. . This handy size paperback ... packed with a comprehensive history and 146 photographs, goes to show that many good things come in small packages. Ferrari Magazine A dramatic if bittersweet story. Classic Cars THIS, THE LATEST in Veloce's WSC Giants series, is arguably the best yet. Octane (UK) easily accessible and very readable ... Recommended dailysportscar.com as a racing record of Ferrari's 'customer' sports prototype, both in words and pictures, [the book is] pretty comprehensive. Speed scene It is a good book ... there is nothing else out there which chronicles the cars history, and it does it in detail. www.silhouet.com covers every significant outing, with spotlights on key drivers Classic & Sports Car (UK) This easy, fast-paced read is great for endurance racing fans. Auto Express A very interesting read. www.carartsport.com should be part of every Ferrari Library Competizione covers just about everything you would want to know about the F333 SP ... An excellent reference, FERRARI 333 SP is worth far more than its modest price and just the thing for those who love the F333 SP. Prancing Horse. . Reseña del editor. . This book details the origin and racing history of the Ferrari 333 SP. Uniquely, none of the 333 SP models were entered into races by Ferrari itself. The cars were built specifically for customer use; a purchase price of $900,000 included two spare engines and race technical support supplied by Ferrari engineers. A total of 40 cars were built; the first four by Ferrari, the remainder manufactured by Dallara & Michellotto using Ferrari engines. All of the cars were sold to, and race entries made by, privateer teams. From 1994, the cars contested the IMSA World Sports Car Championship, the United States Road Racing Championship, and the American Le Mans Series, at circuits throughout North America. In 1997, the cars also featured in the Europe-based International Sports Racing Series, as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Two years later, the Doran-Lista team installed a Judd V10 engine into its 333 SP, with the aim of increasing power and improving fuel efficiency. In all, from the 126 races entered, 47 victories were claimed by the 333 SP.. . Ver más

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