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Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Giants

13,89€ Precio en amazon.es a 19/03/2020 19:36:31 UTM

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Críticas. . A good read: Here's another for your Christmas present list ... described accurately and in detail, but in the author's usual readable manner. - The Motor Cycling Club

The book is a good read, describing every facet of the car's development and rallying career accurately and in detail. Old Stager

Latest in the excellent Rally Giant paperback series is the successful Fiat 131 Abarth ... Robson covers development, key players and each season in detail. There's also plenty of historic sideways photos of this rear-wheel-drive legend. - Classic & Sports Car

Very well illustrated with black and white and colour photos, this is another good edition to an interesting series. - New Zealand Classic Car

An excellent read. - Fleet Car

A good insight into the story behind one of the most successful rally cars of the 1970s. - Motor Sport

Veloce is to be congratulated on devoting an entire book to this hugely successful all-Italian rally star. And, like the rest of the Rally Giants series, author Robson's in-depth knowledge of the subject and his impressive attention to details make it a great read. - --Classic Car Mart. . Generally, getting hold of decent in-depth books, covering a specific Italian single model in English, can be a bit tricky but once again Robson has produced the goods. - --dep-o.co.uk. . Veloce's Rally Giants series has produced some of our favourite single-model books. Delve inside this volume and you'll find 128 informative pages and almost 100 photographs extensively documenting the Fiat 131's rallying history. --Wheels, Australia. . Reseña del editor. . When Fiat entered rallying in 1970, its ultimate aim was to become World Rally Champion - and the 131 Abarth of 1976-1980 provided the machinery to make that possible. Within the Fiat-Lancia empire, the 131 Abarth not only replaced the 124 Abarth Spider sports car, but was also favoured ahead of the charismatic Lancia Stratos. By 1970s standards, the 131 Abarth was the most extreme, and effective, of all homologation specials. Compared with the 131 family car on which it was originally based, it had different engine, transmission and suspension layouts, was backed by big budgets and by a team of superstar drivers, and was meant to win all round the world.Not only did it start winning World rallies within months of being launched, but in 1977, 1978 and 1980 the 'works' team also won the World Championship for Makes, and set every standard by which Rally Giants were to be judged. The 131 Abarth was backed by a peerless team of engineers, so was there ever any doubt that successors like the Lancia Rally 037 and the Delta Integrale would eventually come from the same stable?. . Ver más

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